Maine Delite is a small central Ohio Maine Coon Cattery. All of our cats are home raised and valued family members. Our cattery is closed to outside breeding and we are firmly dedicated to the health and welfare of our animals. Providing exceptional pets for those looking for lap buddies and/or show interests. We are looking for animal enthusiasts that will appreciate these great cats, and work hard at providing loving homes for a lifetime. We have dedicated our resources in striving to produce the best examples of this extraordinary breed. While working hardest to maintain the above standard qualities we all love.



Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions concerning – anything from interest in this breed, or other questions about feline behavior and general feline health advise.


Contact information: Call 614-764-0943 or email


Michele’s long time best friend ....ahhh for over 40 years and full Partner Breeder Marilyn Bannon of Maine Glory Cattery